Saturday, October 26, 2013

Artsy Shoes.....Finished!

It took about two weeks to finally finish them, but I got them done!  Now I just have to spray and protect them.  Overall, I am pleased!  Check 'em out.....

From this........

To this...

The outside

The inside

The back

The front

Laced up

On my Feet

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Artsy Shoes

I have always admired the graffiti that I see on moving trains, and this past summer my husband surprised me with an anniversary trip to an artsy destination I have always wanted to visit:  San Francisco.  I got to see lots of awesome graffiti all over the place:

I also have been wanting to do my own "graffiti" on a pair of shoes, and I finally took the step to do some.  They are still a work in progress, but I have finally drawn everything on it. 


They have some of my favorite things, plus a little doodling.  Now, I just have to add the color!  I have to have them done by Halloween, so I can wear them to the Quilt Festival!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Practicing on friends

I am really enjoying manipulating photos on Photoshop to create fiber art.  I am still just a beginner though, so I decided to make a couple of medium sized art quilts for friends to get some more practice with some of the program features.  These are my works in progress:

This has been a tremendous learning experience so far.  I have started the quilting on one so far. I did not know that I could print overlapping tiles when printing my projects.  That really helped me put them together more precisely.  Man, I sure wish I had figured that out on my "Jumping the Broom" quilt.  Oh, the time and frustration that would have saved...........

Quilting Arts

Quilting Arts Magazine recently had a reader challenge entitled "Friendship and Devotion".  I don't read the magazine as soon as I receive it most times, because I want to read it when I have time to sit and take it all in.  (Having two little ones certainly takes up a large portion of my attention, of course!)  So, there wasn't much time for me to get something done.  Luckily, I immediately thought of an artwork I began years ago, that was just sitting in my closet with no home.  It was about the size it needed to be as well.  What was the problem? You see, it was inspired by friends who are no longer friends with one another.  So I took a look at it, and changed it up just a bit to fit the current status. Then I appropriately called it, : "Frenemies"!  Here is a snippet of it.....

I don't want to show the entire thing because...da da da dummmm....It was accepted as a finalist in the challenge!  Hopefully you will be able to read about it and see it in the February/March issue of Quilting arts!

What have I been up to?

All this year I have been participating in exhibitions opportunities.  Since my last posts about the quilt festival, I have been very busy.  My Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) quilt sold for $150 again this year.  I was a little worried that it wouldn't sell because the design looked so simplistic.  Believe it or not, there was some thought and effort put into it.  I am very thankful that I was able to help raise money for SAQA.

In other SAQA news, the members from Texas had an opportunity to participate in a traveling trunk show exhibition entitled "A Texas Experience".  At first I thought about the Alamo, but wasn't really inspired by that.  It seemed too stereotypical.  The deadline seemed to creep up on me, and I decided that I wouldn't have enough time to get it done.  Then the deadline was extended, and I remembered that I wanted to do a small series about cowboy boots a while back.  The problem was that I didn't own any and hadn't taken any pictures of any.  Coincidentally, the next day, my fashionable co-worker strutted by in her brown cowboy boots accented with purple stitching. I convinced her to let me take her boots on a little trip outside to photograph them.  I then took one of the photos, manipulated it on Photoshop, and stitched over it like crazy!  Here is the result:

"A Cowgirl Necessity"