Friday, October 11, 2013

Quilting Arts

Quilting Arts Magazine recently had a reader challenge entitled "Friendship and Devotion".  I don't read the magazine as soon as I receive it most times, because I want to read it when I have time to sit and take it all in.  (Having two little ones certainly takes up a large portion of my attention, of course!)  So, there wasn't much time for me to get something done.  Luckily, I immediately thought of an artwork I began years ago, that was just sitting in my closet with no home.  It was about the size it needed to be as well.  What was the problem? You see, it was inspired by friends who are no longer friends with one another.  So I took a look at it, and changed it up just a bit to fit the current status. Then I appropriately called it, : "Frenemies"!  Here is a snippet of it.....

I don't want to show the entire thing because...da da da dummmm....It was accepted as a finalist in the challenge!  Hopefully you will be able to read about it and see it in the February/March issue of Quilting arts!

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