Friday, July 17, 2015


One of my favorite sources of inspiration for my art is my photographs.  I chose these two photos to base two new works upon with the sole purpose of entering them in the International Quilt Festival. From the moment I took the picture of my husband and daughter, I knew it was going to be turned into a quilt.  It is from three years ago.  The other is of my cousin at his graduation.  The theme for the exhibit for that one is celebrations.  I just remember how proud my aunt was of him, and immediately thought of this moment when I saw the theme. 


This is the biggest quilt show in the world, and it is so inspiring just to walk through the George R. Brown Convention Center every fall to view all the latest art in the form of the quilt.  I am so excited right now because I just got word that one of the quilts, "Daddy's Little Girl", got accepted into the show!  I won't hear about the other one for a few weeks, but just to get in with one is like the best honor ever!  I can't show the quilts right now, (show rules), but believe me, I will be a "postin' fool" when that show gets here Halloween week!

The Sisters Quilt

I have been wanting to do something with my mother and her sisters for a long time.  I finally was able to take my own picture of them together, to make some art with them as the subject.  They just weren't cooperating with my requests for pictures.....

So anyhoo, I drew their likenesses in a cartoon style and painted and quilted it.  I also added my grandmother and one sister who weren't present.  They are no longer with us, but I still wanted to include them in "The Whitfield Girls"!

It's About Time!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted! Wrangling two little ones under the age of five certainly occupies a considerable amount of my time.  We have also been preparing for a big move to a new city for the past few months.  But I have managed to work a little "thread meditation" into the rotation.  I started making t-shirt quilts last year, and that has helped me to support my addiction---to fiber art. (A few old, a few new)

These were fun to put together.  I have definitely started saving my kids t-shirts for their quilt---15 years from now. :-)